Community Coalition spotlight: Community Care Development Network

Community Coalition spotlight: Community Care Development Network


Forge AHEAD Center (FAC) and Community Care Development Network (CCDN) in Alabama have embarked on a collaborative partnership aimed at reshaping the landscape of food security and fostering equitable change.

CCDN is a network dedicated to helping solve community challenges such as youth peer pressure, adult conflict, communication and financial barriers, and life skills—among others—by offering support services in the areas of education, family, and community outreach.

A partnership focus on long-term change

The partnership between FAC and CCDN brings together the expertise, resources, and shared vision of two entities dedicated to uplifting communities and enhancing livelihoods.

Forge AHEAD Center’s focus on health equity research and community health aligns seamlessly with CCDN’s commitment to providing comprehensive support networks for underserved populations.

“FAC benefits and adds value to CCDN as we enter a research space for food insecurity and health disparities,” says Tamika D. Holmes, MBA, MHRM, founder and director of Community Care Development Network.

CCDN’s mission is to develop, transform, and restore life to families, adults, teens, and the community to be committed, unified, and mature. Their vision is empowering and influencing people to own their potential and create an opportunity for themselves.

When working with external partners, Holmes says one of the most important goals is to ensure external partners fit this mission and vision.

“This also helps us to determine the strength of the partnership and the output of the work both CCDN and partners have the capability to perform. Another important goal is that external partners should focus on the community’s best interests. This comes by interacting with the community to learn the best ways to serve the community.”

Working together

At the heart of the partnership lies a mutual understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by communities—ranging from economic disparities to limited access to education and health care.

By combining strengths, Forge AHEAD Center and CCDN aim to address these challenges comprehensively, employing a holistic approach that considers the diverse needs of individuals and communities.

“We are currently operating several community food hubs in various locations of Jefferson County and one in Blount County,” says Holmes. “The growth towards research will help us provide better quality of food in the locations that are food insecure. In addition, the community engagement component helps voices to be heard clearly.”

Moreover, the collaboration extends beyond education, encompassing health care initiatives and social support systems. CCDN’s experience in providing services dovetails with Forge AHEAD Center’s mission to ensure access to quality health care for all. Together, they will strive to bridge gaps in healthcare access.

Shared commitment for the future

The synergy between Forge AHEAD Center and CCDN signifies a shared commitment healthy futures for all communities.

“CCDN is in the process of introducing our food insecurity project to various partners, including FAC,” says Holmes. “We are excited about the continued progress of meeting the community’s needs in this capacity, as we know that food is a primary need. We look forward to many robust conversations on how to make an impact in the food insecurity arena.”

As this partnership continues to evolve, its impact reverberates through communities, creating a brighter, more inclusive future. By working hand in hand, Forge AHEAD Center and CCDN exemplify the profound impact that collaboration and shared vision can have in building stronger, more resilient communities for generations to come.