Get to know our new communications specialist

Get to know our new communications specialist

Forge AHEAD Center is proud to announce Chris Campos has joined the Forge AHEAD Center team as communications specialist.

Campos role is based on UAB’s campus. Prior to his new role, Campos worked at Legacy Prep Charter School in Birmingham where he managed district technology and communications, focusing on student recruitment and data management. Prior to that, he worked for Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

“My roles at Legacy Prep Charter School and Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School were pivotal in developing my expertise in brand promotion, strategic planning, and community outreach, enriched further by my skills in graphic design and data analysis to support marketing campaigns and organizational growth,” Campos says.

Campos says he enjoys the many complexities of communications work. From disseminating a groundbreaking initiative, explaining a complex solution, or making information accessible, “the success of these endeavors hinges on effective communication.”

“What I love most about working in communications is the fundamental role it plays in bridging connections between people and the resources or information they need.”

In the realm of health equity, Campos believes effective communication is essential. “It’s about ensuring that vital health information and services reach those who need them most, without barriers,” he says.

“To me, communications is not just about transmitting messages; it’s about fostering understanding, facilitating access, and ultimately, knitting together the fabric of a community by ensuring everyone is informed, involved, and empowered.”

When asked why working in health equity is meaningful to him personally, Campos replies: “Working in health equity is profoundly important and meaningful to me because it aligns with my lifelong commitment to serving the public and engaging in work that makes a tangible impact on communities. My background in non-profit settings, the public utility industry, and public education has instilled a deep appreciation for initiatives that strive for equity and access for all, particularly among underserved populations.”

Campos says the industry transition from public education to the health equity and research represents a natural extension of his desire to advocate for fairness, leveraging his experiences and growing knowledge in public health to contribute to the critical task of addressing and reducing health disparities.

“This role not only resonates with my values, Campos says, “but also offers a compelling opportunity to apply my skills in new ways, supporting efforts that ensure everyone, regardless of their background, has equal access to healthcare services and the opportunity to lead healthy lives.”

Campos, who’s native to Texas but lived in Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, says his roots run deep in the South. “I love to spend time with my wife and two-year-old son. Being a father is one of the most life-giving things I’ve ever experienced. Also, I am a distance runner and involved locally with the Birmingham Track Club. I ran my first marathon last Fall and already planning for the next. I love coffee (I’m one of those that does a pour over every morning) and spending time outside.”

We are glad to have Chris on board and welcome him whole-heartedly to the team.